February, Known as a LOVE Month, has Delivered Enough Cold Days and Snowfall Forcing Reluctant Coupl

March 03 2012

While some people are happy with their love life, others are hurting, desperate, and lost —with no one to share the chilly winter. In this article, I’ll talk about practical ways on how to deal with the emotional chaos after a break-up; and how to have a successful relationship regardless of your circumstances.

Five No-nonsense Strategies to Deal with a Break-up Let go

The first reaction is to hold on to the relationship, to chase desperately the individual who just gave up on you. Unfortunately, early reactions are not always right and sensible. The more you grab and chase, the more you drive the person away. The best way to deal with a break up is to simply let go.

Live a normal life

Despite the tumultuous emotions you are going through, live a normal life. Follow a routine. Go to work if you can still focus. Buy groceries. Do your routine hobbies and physical exercise. Don’t change your schedule simply because of a person who doesn’t wish to be with you.

Release all hurts

It’s going to be hard but try to release all the hurts. Don’t do it on your own. Express your feelings to your trusted friends, and if necessary to a health care professional. Even if you’re not religious, consider turning over your fears, anger, hurt, and disappointment to your Holy Father. If you can’t handle it, your Creator can easily handle it for you with no problem.

Never chase

Never chase anyone who doesn’t want you and who doesn’t value your worth as a person. Also, never chase any person who hurts you. You deserve someone who will love you. Besides, the more you chase that person, the more you prove that nobody will like you.

Keep your social network vibrant

Even if you are hurting, always try to reach out. As you attempt to live a normal life, keep your social networks alive and vibrant. Keep in touch with true friends who value your presence and give you a listening ear and sound advice. Openly communicate with friends and relatives through regular visits, phone, or social media.

How to Have Successful Relationships

Be fun to be with

Your relationships are guaranteed to flourish if you are fun and pleasant to be with. People don’t want to be around someone who spews spiteful statements and depressing stories in every turn. Smile. Let them feel important. Let laughter thrive through your own real-life anecdotes.

Improve yourself

Learn new knowledge and skills and selflessly share them with your friends and relatives. Commit to learning new ways of solving problems, of managing finances, and of communicating effectively. Ensure that you do at least five things daily that can improve your life and those of others.

Accept your partner’s individuality

One of the major reasons for separations is when a person attempts to change his or her partner’s personality. Such inability to accept another person’s individuality can be lethal. Everyone is unique as dictated by a unique set of DNA. Acceptance of one’s strengths and weakness should be an important step in strengthening relationships.

Create openness

To achieve long-lasting and warm relationships, open communication should always be encouraged and frequently practiced. Relationships thrive when honesty is allowed to reign. But animosity takes over when suspicions and insecurities are given the chance to prosper. About the author: Dr. Michael G. Rayel — author, entrepreneur, and psychiatrist — has created the Oikos Game Series to promote emotional health and has provided EQ Webinar for parenting, personal, and career success. For more info, visit www.shrinkyourtroubles.com/blog.

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