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May 07 2015

From where I confine myself every time there’s Pacquiao fight, I can tell if Manny is losing or winning by the shrieks and groans of those watching in the house and even among my neighbors. Yesterday, everything was quiet. So I know who between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather won. Mayweather won by unanimous decision affirming what he always brags about himself as the "undefeated champion."

Alex Pal, a Dumaguete-based journalist related in Facebook that he was not able to see "The Fight of the Century" but he asked the taxi driver what was the result. The driver replied: "Natapos naman ang 12 rounds pero natalo si Pacquiao. Anonymous ang decision." Alex’s reaction: "Wahaha!"

I don’t watch boxing because I don’t enjoy watching two people hit each other but I follow stories about Pacquiao. I admire him for rising from poverty through hard work. My admiration for Pacquiao does not extend to his political career and I fervently hope he does not get deluded into aspiring to run for president.

Pacquiao’s loss by unanimous decision didn’t dent the fans affection for him as gleaned from comments in social media. Hollywood actor Jim Carey posted a comment in Twitter: "Big let down in Vegas. Was that a boxing match or dancing with the stars?" That’s the same reaction of Bibeth Orteza, movie and TV director, scriptwriter and actress. She wondered "Why did the judges allow May Anne Weather to ‘fight’" like that? " "Singing contest judges don’t score you for dancing more than singing, right," she asked.

Young business entrepreneur Jaime Garchitorena noted during the fight that Mayweather keeps running "It looks like he trained for a marathon instead of a boxing match," he remarked.

Mayweather’s strategy.Malaya Business Insight’s Che Francisco, "Akala ko si Pacquiao ang pulitiko. Bakit si Mayweather ang gusto-gustong tumakbo?" Che suspects Mayweather is thinking of a change in sports: 100 sprint. Those who watched the fight said aside from running, Mayweather kept on hugging Pacquiao prompting someone to say in Facebook that the American loves Pacquiao more than his girlfriends, many of them accused him of domestic violence.

VERA Files Lala Ordenes reposted comments of her relatives. Guerilla Tactics said, "Salamat Mayweather sa pinakita mong pagmamahal kay Pacman. Hinding-hindi malilimutan ng mga Pilipino ang sandamakmak na yakap mo." Gay Alessandra Ordenes declared, "Lahat na bagay nadadaan sa yakap."

On the eve of the megafight. Joel Pablo Salud said if Pacquiao lost, there should be no pinpointing who is to blame: "Hindi si PNoy, hindi si GMA, hindi si ERAP, hindi si FVR, hindi si Cory at hindi si Marcos." He said: "Pagnatalo si Pacquiao bukas, ah pucha kasalanan ni Mayweather yan. Kaya kung meron kayong dapat ipakulam, si Mayweather yun."

Poet Marne Kilates posted a lengthy comment but here’s my favorite part: "Pacquiao lost. That’s it. Ang talo, talo. …

So what’s the point? The point is it’s not the end of the world. The point is it might make Pacquiao think twice about running for president. The point is it might make us think twice about voting for him. The point it is might make us think. Period. Have you ever thought

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