Thank you Sir Anton Achilles Mandap Vancouver will miss you!!


September 26 2017

Sir Anton is the Glue Guy of Vancouver

By Tom Choy
Vancouver, British Columbia

"A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." Robert Frost

Sir Atty. Anthony Achilles Mandap is about to complete his tour of duty in Vancouver, British Columbia. “ I was in my forties when I started working in Vancouver in 2011,” quips Sir Anton. He continues, “ now, my hair is greying.” And leaving his post in Vancouver. For now, headed back to Manila while waiting for his next foreign affairs assignment.

Greying is welcome by the over 135,000 Filipino Canadians who call BC their home. The Pinoys in Vancouver consist of people from different camps, for example, the Patriots of Canada are pro-Duterte while the Global Diaspora is pro-Liberal Party. But all of them like Sir Anton, our Vancouver Glue Guy

In the local political landscape of Vancouver there are Conservatives, Liberals and Labour Advocates. Here is where Consul Mandap shines by getting along with anyone regardless of any leanings. He seems to be the glue that can put both camps in a party under one roof and there won’t be any fireworks igniting. He seems to be the glue guy of Vancouver.

There was a Despedida Party thrown to celebrate his successful years of diplomatic service in Vancouver. Anton is ubiquitous in most Pinoy parties and meetings whenever the Consul General Neil Ferrer is not available to attend. He becomes the acting ConGen when Mr. Ferrer is abroad or out of town.The Despedida Party became a tribute to Atty. Mandap as one leader after another spoke at the Fraserview MB Church in Richmond, BC. “ How many husbands are brave enough to edit their wive’s book draft?” rhetorically asked the UP Alumni President Rosette Correa. Anton edited his wife’s book without any incident. That’s what a diplomat is for. He keeps the home intact while editing his partner’s book.

“ Madz Junior, the former President of the Ateneo Alumni Association of BC, thanked Atty. Mandap for helping him elect dual citizenship. Madz proudly said, “ Because of my uncle Sir Anthony, my other 10 friends also followed me getting our dual citizenship.” Madz and Anton also both root for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, the reigning NBA Champs.

Anton also said, “ Aside from helping Pinoys in Vancouver and Western Canada elect dual citizenship, I also promote culture and trade in Canada.” But the greatest takeaway in his brief but fruitful stay in Vancouver is that Anton values the friendships he has established with the Pinoys in Vancouver. There is another guy who was also very popular to Pinoys in Vancouver a couple of years ago. There was Raul Hernadez who pioneered the Slocan Pinoy Festival during IndependenceDay celebrations. They call him Consul Pogi. And of course, Anton Mandap is the Glue Guy of Vancouver. And is equally charming.

Before Vancouver, Anton worked as a journalist in Malaya and the now defunct Times Journal. He was also a Consul in San Francisco and Venezuela. He is a product of the University of the Philippines for his journalism and law degrees.

He is married to Mary Anne Reyes Mandap. Their children are Aaron Kyle, Angelica Claire and Anthea Mae.

Sir Anton’s middle name is Achilles who is an Iliad hero character. Achilles also means a weakness or a vulnerable point that may lead to one’s downfall. In the case of Atty. Mandap, it stands more for the strength of a hero that will bring him more success in his next diplomatic assignment. He is ready to be the Glue Guy again wherever the next assignment is. Von voyage Consul Mandap and family!

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